- Remote help.
- Remote “Call Me”.
- Unlimited remote GPS location (on supported devices).
- Change callback number remotely.
- Change alert message remotely.
- Change callback number remotely.
- Remote battery level reporting.
- Customize alert screen functions, text, and color.
- Password protect access to options screen.
- Choice of five alert tones.
- Password protect shutdown of app.
- Option to auto-delete WMP-related emails from inbox on BlackBerry.
- SMS Support.
- SIM change notification (applies to GSM phones.)
- Remote contacts download.
- Hide icon from task switcher.
- Phone Reboot notification via SMS or email.
- Remote permanent alert, erase, disable device.

Ratings and Reviews

From BlackBerry App World Reviewers:

  • Overall rating: 4.5 stars
  • “The App no BB Should be Without!”
  • “Live and Time Saver”
  • “Peace of Mind”
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Instructions and Support

User’s Guide
Start here if you’re new to Where’s My Phone.

Command Reference
A list of all commands and how to use them.

Options Reference
A complete description of all of the options settings available in the app. 

Wallet Card
Printable wallet-sized command reference.


Where’s My Phone requires at least one BIS or BES email account on your BlackBerry. Works on any BlackBerry with a trackball, trackpad, or touch screen, OS version 4.2.1 or higher. (Older devices with scroll wheels are not supported.) If you use a password to lock your screen, someone who finds your BlackBerry with a locked screen will not be able unlock the phone to see the alert screen. The other remote functions will work. To use the GPS LOCATE function in the Pro edition, the device must have third-party-app accessible GPS.  If “Content Protection” is enabled on your device (not common), Where’s My Phone will not function while the device is locked.  BlackBerry phones do not allow outgoing calls (“CALLME” command) while holstered (or flip closed in the case of clamshell/flip models.)


  1. How do I re-download Wheres My Phone Pro on a new or reset BlackBerry?
    If you purchased on App World, follow the instructions on this page: Redownloading Instructions. If you purchased on another store, log in to the other store’s site and look for the “My Apps” link. You should be able to re-download from there. Look for the email you had received from the other store if you can’t remember where to log in.
  2. What is required to use Where’s My Phone?
    Where’s My Phone requires at least one email account or SMS (text messaging) on your BlackBerry.
    Note: If you only use GMail, and only use the GMail app (The red and white GMail icon)
    to access your email, it will not work until you set up your GMail account with the
    Email Setup program on the Blackberry. You may still use SMS however.Works on any BlackBerry with an OS 4.2.1 or higher.
    (generally, and device with a trackball, trackpad, or touch screen.)
    Older devices with scroll wheels are not supported.If you use a password to lock your screen, someone who finds your BlackBerry with
    a locked screen will not be able unlock the device to see the alert screen.
    The other remote functions will work.
    If “Content Protection” is enabled on your device
    (not common), Where’s My Phone will not function while the device is locked.
    BlackBerry phones do not allow outgoing calls (“CALLME” command) while
    holstered (or flip closed in the case of clamshell/flip models.)
  3. Is there a free version?
    At one time, a free edition of WMP was available.  We regret that we are no longer able to offer this version for download or re-download.
  4. How will I know if someone who finds my BlackBerry shuts down the alert by pulling the battery?
    After the device restarts, WMP will send you a message telling you this happened.
    You can restart the alert then by sending another START command.  In the pro version, you can also set up automatic notification by email or SMS *every* time the phone is restarted, whether an alert is active or not. (NOTE: This is a new feature i n version 3.5)
  5. Is WMP going to drain my battery faster by running all of the time?
    No. Unless an alert is active, WMP isn’t doing any processing in the
    background except checking the first line of new incoming messages
    for the secret code word. It only turns on the GPS system when you send a
    LOCATE command, then turns it off after getting a location.
  6. What data does WMP access and what does it do with it?
    Please review the WMP Privacy Statement here. You can also access this
    information from within the “About” screen in the App.
  7. I don’t know how to use Where’s My Phone — Where do I start?
    Click on “Support/Help” at the top of this page, then click on “Instructions” under Wheres My Phone.
  8. I’m sending Emails or SMS messages with the code word, but nothing is happening!
    1. Does the email (codeword START) you’re sending show up on your device in “Messages” (or incoming SMS)? If not, there’s a problem outside of WMP. Messages need to show up in the inbox on your BlackBerry for WMP to process them.

    2. Make sure that you’re putting the code word and command in the message subject, not the body (Applies to email only). The message body for emails is ignored. Also ensure that the code word you’re sending matches the code word in the Options screen. Finally, make sure that you are putting a space between the code word and the command.

    3. Don’t include the term MYCODE before the code word — this is used in
    the user’s guide as an example only.4. In the “About” screen, (Menu Button->About WMP), ensure that the email
    address that you’re sending to appears in the list of monitored accounts.
    For SMS, ensure that “SMS (text messages)” is listed.

    5. Check the permissions granted to WMP via the Options screen, Advanced
    or Applications. This process varies slightly by BlackBerry model, but try setting
    everything to “Allow”. You may need to restart WMP after making these changes.
    (To restart WMP, from the control panel, select Menu->Stop Using WMP), then
    restart it from the home screen icon.)

    6. Do you have a rule set up to automatically move messages from yourself
    to another folder? Where’s My Phone will only see messages that go into
    the Inbox folder.

    7. If email works, but SMS does not, and you NOT sending the SMS from
    to another phone (e.g., you’re sending it from an email or website), the system that
    is sending the message may be adding extra text to the beginning of your message,
    which prevents Where’s My Phone from seeing the code word.

  9. How do I stop the alert?
    On the device, press the S key, or click the Stop Sign icon on touchscreen models.
    OR: The same way you started it (sending an email), but use
    the word STOP in place of the word START.For full details, please see the instructions, available under the Support/Help tab the top of this page.
  10. I know my device has GPS, but I get an error message from the LOCATE command.
    Two things to check: First check the permissions on the app to ensure that
    Location Data is set to “ALLOW” for WMP. (This is under the options/applications or
  11. I forgot the code word.
    If you have your phone and did not set the “Require Code Word to access Options Screen” setting to YES, you can simply open the options screen and see the code word.  If not, read on.  If you have version 3.5 or higher and have set up the code word recovery email and recovery hint, send an email to your phone *from* the email account you set up for code word recovery. Put the text wmp recovercode in the email subject. Your code word hint will be mailed back to you.  If you don’t have version 3.5 or higher, or haven’t set up code word recovery, you’ll need to uninstall WMP (Home screen, Options or settings, Advanced, Applications),
    then re-install it from the vendor you purchased it from originally. (In App World,
    go to “My World”.)
  12. I can’t see the cursor in the options screen.
    You’re probably using a “Theme” that forces cursors to be black. That’s a bit
    difficult to see on a black screen. The default theme on Verizon 81xx (Pearl) and
    83xx (Curve) phones from a certain era did this.
    Change your theme by selecting “Options” from the home screen, then “Themes”.
    Choose a different theme than the one you’re using. Most “official” BlackBerry
    themes use a blue cursor.
  13. Where can I find out how to set up my GMail account as a BIS account?
    Here’s a good article that covers BIS email setup:
  14. How can I use the Callback Number or CALLME function with automated receptionist systems?
    Insert commas in the telephone number to include two-second pauses. For example, to dial
    dial 18005551212, wait 10 seconds, and dial extension 123, send a command like
    CODEWORD CALLME 18005551212,,,,,123
    Five commas at two seconds each will pause for 10 seconds, then dial 123.
  15. Should I use EMail or SMS if both are available?
    Advantages to using Email: Usually no per-message costs. More descriptive responses from WMP,
    ability to turn on auto-delete for emails (see Options screen).
    Advantages to using SMS: Available from any phone, may be more convenient if you’re not
    near a computer.
  16. I had the old free edition installed and my phone was stolen. Can I pay for the pro version now?
    No, you need to install the Wheres My Phone Pro edition with the phone in hand. Download the pro edition today so this doesn’t happen to you!
  17. I added or removed an email address from my BlackBerry. How to I tell WMP to see these changes?
    WMP scans for added or removed email addresses when it starts. You can select ‘Stop Using WMP’ from the menu, then restart it from the icon. You can verify the accounts being monitored by selecting ‘About WMP’ from the menu.
  18. I’m having some other problem not listed here.
    We want to help! Please send an email to support@essare.net.

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